Is two-way sync possible between "On My iPhone" and iCloud/Dropbox with Shortcuts?

I have played around with the Make Archive, Get File, and Save File commands without any luck. In some cases, I have read that Shortcuts cannot access the “On My iPhone” memory of other applications outside the “Shortcuts” subfolder and in other cases I have read that it is possible but no details are provided.

I play a video game called Stardew Valley on my iPhone and iPad. In On My iPhone\Stardew Valley\ is a subfolder that contains a handful of files. The name of the save game subfolder is fixed and never changes.

Here is what I currently do manually to sync my files.

After playing the game, I compress the On My iPhone\Stardew Valley\Savegame 123\ subfolder, rename it (I put the game date), and upload it to dropbox.

Before playing the game, I delete the local On My iPhone\Stardew Valley\Savegame 123\ subfolder, I download the zip file from the cloud, I unarchive it in On My Phone\Stardew Valley, and launch the game.

I can also drag and drop the Savegame 123 subfolder to and from the iCloud Drive in the Files App but I prefer the renaming route so that I don’t accidentally overwrite a more advanced save game zip on the cloud with an older save game file from one of my two devices. The filename convention I use is along the lines of,,,, etc. - always ascending.

That being said, I’m not picky. I have made ZERO progress in automating any part or segment of these steps. I’m posting here as I feel I’ve hit a wall and that perhaps I am facing an iOS limitation.

I would very much appreciate any wisdom you could share.

i have exactly the same issue, also with stardew valley :wink:
Really hope your question gets answered

I hope so too!

I’m not not looking for a complete solution, even a partial solution would be wonderful. I tried writing a script that would run from the share sheet and that would zip the selected folder, rename it based on prompted input and upload it to a fixed location in dropbox. I didn’t have any luck. This is the crux of what I’m trying to do since automating saving is more important that retrieving.

Thanks for your note! I appreciate it.

I am pretty sure that shortcuts cannot access any files automatically outside of the iCould/Shortcuts folder and I do not see anyway for it to access the “On my ___” folder at all.

I think I’m going to check what happens if I use scriptable’s option to have directory bookmarks; whether it’d be possible to copy data through those… (using FS-bookmarks shortcut by Federico Viticci)

This thread may give you some ideas to get you started

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