Is there a way to get Facebook activity log automatically?

I would like to find a way to log all my Facebook activity automagically. I’ve tried to find API-information or such with no luck (all I find are articles on how to delete all your Facebook activity history). If I knew there was a way to get it out for instance daily, I can always figure out a way to get it Airtable.

Does any of you have any ideas?

I’ve never heard of Facebook exposing everything like that so that it could be automatic.

It you have a desktop OS to access, then maybe you could trigger a macro to “press the right buttons” to download each day/week of the data dump and process that.

Some old info about accessing the dump is available here. I left Facebook years ago, so I don’t know if there’s anything more up to date, but maybe it is a starting point?

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Not sure if it helps (it probably depends what information you want), but IFTTT have a Facebook integration which has a few trigger options:

  • New (plain text) status message by you
  • New link post by you
  • New photo post by you
  • You are tagged in a photo
  • Your profile changes

I don’t know if that would capture everything you want, but it might be a start?

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I have those already logged automatically. I would like to have my likes, comments on other people posts etc. logged as well.