Is there a way to get backup progress into a widget?

I constantly have the Time Machine, SuperDuper!, and Backblaze windows open checking on the progress of my backups (I couldn’t tell you why, it just makes me happy to know my stuff is being backed up.) Is there some kind of API or process where I can get that same progress into one window or widget, similar to the old Statusboard app? Bonus points if I can see it on iOS, extra bonus points if I can get it shown as a button on my Stream Deck!

Hi @_brianhamilton, I can only talk about my Time Machine workflow. For that, I have xBar (Time Machine plug-in here) installed and for notifications on all Apple devices, after the backup is finished, I use the Pushover app.

Here is an example of it:


Here is my Keyboard Maestro macro that starts the Time Machine backup and sends the pushover notification when it finishes. The xBar plug-in starts automatically when the Time Machine backup starts. So this runs independently of Keyboard Maestro and Pushover App.

Oh my god, this is incredible. Thank you so much!! I’m definitely going to play with xbar and see what I can do with it for my needs.

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