Is there a way to change keyboard language on bluetooth keyboard?

Change keyboard language on bluetooth keyboard

Hi, on my Iphone, I toggle between German and English (US) . This works well, using this method:
However, I purchased a Microsoft Universal Foldble Keyboard, and when that is attached, I do not have access to the little globe button on the screen keyboard. This keyboard has English (UK) layout, but what is written on the screen is dependent on the software keyboard settings

Is there a Siri Shortcut or some other nifty way of changing to a specific language layout, or scrolling through all the installed languages?

If there’s a button that triggers the onscreen keyboard then that’s the easiest way to switch that I know of. Though I confess, this is one of the reasons why I use the Smart Keyboard a lot!

⌘ Space


This triggers spotlight though.

Ah, I already had the feeling it was a different combo, but I don’t have access to an external keyboard right now (to test before posting…).

Is it ctrl + space instead?

ctrl^ - space did the trick. Thanks a lot, Rob & Rosemary !