Is ther ea trick to create a new Reminder with a URL attached?


currently the Shortcut action to create a new reminder in Apple’s reminders app seems to only support the notes field of a reminder.
Is there any trick to create one with an attached URL maybe via url-schemes?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that is not possible. At least it seems that even opening a specific reminder via URL is a hack - no information on passing in data to create one to be found.

If you don’t mind the plug: what are you trying to achieve?
I added “schedule notification” and “schedule shortcut” features to Pushcut for getting “smart notifications” with automation actions attached.

Passing in URLs as input for these notifications is pretty straight-forward.

Maybe it can do what you want?

I’ll have to look into Pushcut, thank you! Maybe it is an alternative …

For all my task-based reminders I use Things. I also schedule tasks and set time-based reminders in it.
However, the big advantage of the Reminders app is to set location based reminders. By that I have an easy to maintain list in Reminders, where I can see all my active location based reminders.

One is at my home, one at work, I set up some for shops that I frequently go to, as well as friend’s places. I did attach a URL for a things:///show?.. url-scheme to each of them that redirects to a filtered view of Things that only concerns that place.

I’ve then written a Shortcut that creates a new reminder, if none exists already by first parsing the current reminders. Having that big url button right in the list from the rich preview is great, as it saves additional taps. Just tap the url and be redirected to things :ok_hand:

Edit: Oh and it is nice that notifications from the Reminders app are persistent on the lock screen.