Is the UUID token session-specific?

Can the UUID be used to identify, for example, calendar events across sessions? Or is it session-specific?

A little more detail about what I’m trying to do – I want to generate a list of upcoming events and reminders in a text editor, then open that editor and modify/add to the list, and finally have Scriptable parse the changes and action them. This would be a lot easier if the UUID could be used across sessions, but if not I’ll just have to look up events/reminders by title.


I’m not totally sure I understand what you want to do but if you’re looking for a way to identify a calendar event, you should be able to use the identifier on a CalendarEvent. This may change if the event is moved between calendars, eg. as part of a sync, but if that’s not relevant in your case, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Ahh yes that’s perfect for my project, thanks! I missed that property.

I was just wondering what the function of the UUID is, the documentation is a little vague. It seems to generate a random ID string every time it’s run, is it just meant to generate a guaranteed-unique ID that Scriptable has never generated before, or is there more to it?

That’s basically all. I’ve found that now and then it’s useful to just get a random unique string, e.g. if you’re storing some data on disk and want to identify it later.

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