Is it possible to use the URL scheme in Webview

Hi there,
Thanks for the great app!!
I’m trying to launch shortcuts from a WebView page. Is it possible?

The URL scheme doesn’t seem to be recognized:>

var output = `<HTML>


      <TITLE>My first HTML document</TITLE>



     body {

 font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

 font-size: 60px;




output = output

  + `    <a href="shortcuts://">tap here to launch shortcuts✅</a>`

output = output 

+ `  </BODY>


var w = new WebView();


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It seems like that also deep links are not working (for example links to apps in the AppStore).

A workaround is to add this piece of code before presenting the WebView:

w.shouldAllowRequest = (request) => {
	if (!request.url.startsWith("http") && request.url !== "about:blank") {;
		return false;
	return true;

If you want to open any deep links, you would have to add them in the if condition.

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Ooooh thanks for your answer!
In the meantime I switched to a shortcuts based solution. Not pretty but that does the job. And it keeps the code more legible for the amateur coder that I am.
But I will definitely consider implementing your solution as I prefer to remain within scriptable as long as possible for speed reasons