Is it possible to separate Aqara light and motion sensors in the Home App?

I have recently bought an Aqara light and motion sensor. In the Aqara app, they do a good job of showing both capabilities. However, in the Home app, I can only seem to integrate it as a motion sensor. I like to automate through the Home app and haven’t yet tried automating within the Aqara app.

I am hoping to receive a notification when I close my loft hatch but have left the light on. If light hatch is closed but the light sensor detects light, notify me. I know I could just send a notification when the loft hatch sensor is closed but where is the fun in that? As I bought this primarily as I light sensor, I would like to play with that functionality.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, sadly, Aqara does not expose it‘s motion sensor‘s light sensing capabilities to HomeKit.

„…as for the Aqara light sensor, you can only use it via the Aqara app itself, which in turn means that you can only use the ambient light sensor to trigger other Aqara devices…“ from