Is it possible to execute a Shortcut that opens an app on MY device without intervention?

I have an IOS14 as a Background Server, and I know that a shortcut can be run automatically.
My problem is different:

  1. I have a location trigger, when I arrive at home -> Run Shortcut
  2. This Shortcut is an easy url that opens an iphone app (xcallbackurl)
  3. The problem is that the notification is shown, but I would like to run the Shortcut without my push on the notification. (The automations based on locations triggers on Shortcuts app needs approbation too, so is not an option)

Is it possible ?

Thanks again for this great product.

I may be wrong, but I think that your device would have to be unlocked to launch an app.

in iOS it is simply not possible (for 3rd-party apps) to open anything from the background.

apps can do “some” background work (eg: update their stuff on location triggers or similar), but they can never open or trigger another app or open something visible to the user. that is why the Pushcut Automation Server requires this “always foreground” mode…

there are more and more automations available in Shortcuts directly that can run without confirmation - but afaik location triggers are not one of them… : (


Thanks for your reply. So I always need to push the notification.

Talking about server, the most important functionality is to be able to run shortcuts, etc… On the background, but never interacting with clients (iPhone,iPad).

Thanks for your reply, now it’s time to think possible uses to optimize the server !!! Could you gave us some samples please ?

Great great tool !!