Is it possible to automatically connect to my hotspot?

Hello. I’m a teacher and I use my Macbook Air during class for looking up words or googling pictures to show my students. I need my Macbook about 10 times per hour for about 1-2 minutes. The kids ask for the meaning of a word and I show them a fitting picture.

Internet isn’t common at schools in my country so I use my hotspot. It works flawless but if I have to use my Macbook 20 times I have to connect to the hotspot 20 times. Which is annoying.
Is there a way through any app, like Keyboard Maestro, to automatically connect to the hotspot as soon as it is found instead of clicking the message in the upper corner?

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Did you install update 12.1? I understand there was a WiFi connection problem with Monterey.

Hey, thank you for your answer. Yes. This isn’t a connection problem. It is Apple classifying hotspot connections as second class thus not connecting automatically for saving battery.
The connection itself works flawless and I have no problems with normal WIFI connections at all.

Sorry, I misunderstood your problem.

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