Is anyone using Integromat?


Today whilst browsing Reddit I stumbled across Integromat:

It looks very similar to IFTTT, Flow, Zapier, Olisto and the like, but I have never heard of it before today. So if you’re using it, how are you using it?


I used it a few years back for triggering scripts on my home Mac based on geofencing. Other than that just basic experiments. Not used it in quite a while.


Interesting, nice find. Another one I signed up for a while back but have yet to use, Stringify:

Remember Yahoo Pipes? :slight_smile:


Would be interested to hear more about Integromat from anyone using it - it looks to offer more robust processing of data (as opposed to just triggering events) than IFTTT.


I use it. I have an online form from cognito, which zapier listens for and posts to a google sheets document with every new form post. I then use integromat to take the most recent addition to the google sheets doc and convert it to a one-item csv file and email it to me as an attachment. From there I save the csv to my desktop. Hazel sees the csv and executes a keyboard maestro script which executes a JavaScript which converts the csv into a vcf, and then imports the newly created vcf into busycontacts, and then cleans up the mess on the desktop. Such a hilarious chain of events! But as far as I’m aware, only integromat can do that crucial step that I needed it to do (email csv file as attachment)

Their customer service is amazing too. They actually wrote the action for me after I emailed them in total confusion!

I can imagine like 10 better ways to do what I’m doing, but this works extremely well every time, so why mess with it?

Anyways, I highly recommend Integromat. For me, they are far superior than Zapier or IFTT.


Yes, as I find zapier a bit expensive for personal use I have switch to Integromat.
My last scenario is like Hazel for mail: basically I use a mailhook to parse subject/body and I convert pdf attachment to text using cloudconvert (pdf to text equivalent) or convertapi (real ocr). Then depending on criteria I can save and rename attachment in cloud drive and even fill a sheet for tax receipts.


Hi all,

I use both Zapier and Integromat. I have been using Zapier for about 4 years now and started with Integromat for little over 2 years. The speed of new releases in Integromat is incredible. Their support is also good and friendly.

@flyingeek they now have a native pdf creation step: PDF

What I also like, are their templates that often help you to get started. In direct comparison to Zapier, they offer more options like routers, filters and error handling.

Pricing depends on your needs but in a lot of cases, there a a bit cheaper too. Their free tier offers 1.000 operations and might meet your needs for private stuff. If you start using it for business, it just saves you tons of time and also doesn’t make any errors like yourself or an employee.

With their iOS or Android App you can do a lot of fun stuff like geofencing. In my example I often decide that I want to print a document that I get per e-mail. If I’m not in the office, I could just easy print it with Google Cloudprint or even through a VPN connection. But when I am on a business trip, I often get back in the office and my printed copies are not on the printer anymore because maybe a coworker took it or threw it in the bin.

So, I now put the document in a specific Dropbox folder. As soon as I arrive in the office, the integromat app recognizes it based on geofencing. It then starts a scenario where it pulls the documents from the Dropbox folder, prints it via Google Cloudprint and moves the files to another folder. This is especially useful when printing documents to have a certain level of privacy.

Greetings from Berlin,


I found Integromat through this thread and I’ve started playing with it. I can’t recommend them for their tech support highly enough. I’m not even a paying customer yet, and the support has been quick and responsive. In fact, because I don’t know what I’m doijg, I eventually backed out of an email support thread with them because my Midwestern guilt made me feel I was taking advantage of them. :joy:

I haven’t really used Zapier beyond the basics, but I sure like the first impression Integromat has made.