Is a timer running

hi all!

I’m trying to figure one thing out!

I’ve almost got a shortcut created that asks what podcast I’m editing.

I choose the podcast and I’m prompted for what I’m editing, so I enter the show name or guest name.

This is then put in a “Podcast Editing” project and tagged with the name of the podcast. The show name/guest name is then used in the description.

I see an option that asks if a timer is currently running, however I’m missing a mental step.

How do I check to see if a timer is running, if it is then stop it and then pass me to the menu, else just run the menu.

Or can I just stop the current timer if no timer is running? (run this action before my menu)

Or, will the current timer stop if I start a timer with the menu above?

Thanks for all your help.

Unfortunately we have no way to tell if a timer is already running or not within shortcuts