iPhone Siri Shortcut

I need a shortcut that Siri will remind me depending on the season of every YEAR (NO specified year)

for example:

I say: Hey Siri, Good Night
Siri will say: Good night, don’t forget to have your cereal before bed (only if it is between MAY 12 and SEPT 12 of EVERY YEAR)

other wise
Siri will say: Good night, don’t forget to have your ice cream before bed. (if it is between SEPT 13 to May 11 of the next year)

The program I have has a certain YEAR. I don’t want to have the year so the program can be used perpetually…

Any ideas?

You have noted your issue is that the date includes the year, but just like you might in your head, you can get Shortcuts to discard the year and just use the remaining date elements. The “trick” is to realise that dates have a level of significance for this in that months are more significant than days.

It is good practice to post a link to what you have so you can be pointed in the right direction.in lieu if that, here is an example to illustrate how you can do this.


Simply enter your date (default is current) and it will respond based on some start/end info set at the start of the shortcut.

Hope that helps.

Hello. I did like your program but I was wondering if it could be so that it won’t have to ask for an input date and just quietly assume the current date…. Here’s what I had: I just wanted to have no year so I can use it perpetually every time without having to reprogram the calendar…


Yes. I created it like that so you could test it easily with different dates. The how is in effect within it - remove the Ask for Input and put the current date in the Text step.

Here’s a minimal version, but I’ve still kept the Show Result actions in so you can see a result, but ultimately it is just a Text action and an If action.


Thank you very much. You should work for Apple. :slight_smile: