Iphone automation

Hello everyone. I m using iphone 7 with latest update.
I would really appreciate if anyone can guide me how to automatically forward a message received as sms to a whatsapp group.
i usually used to get sms from google for our google accounts verification code. and this needs to be forwarded to all my staffs, hence i created a whatsapp group.
So i created an automation as below:
i get a message containing "“Google verification code”
send message via whatsapp.
in Recipient i cannot add whatsapp group. here my problem comes…
Please guide me how to proceed further.

I guess that’s not feasible by WhatsApp design of inter-app interactions.

They seem to be designed to use the number of the contacts rather than their names. Since groups cannot be reached that way, I guess that will not be possible.

In fact, I’d rather they keep that way. There’s enough bad use of group messaging. That would only compound should they leave the door open for group messaging automation.

Hey Idebritto…
appreciate and thanks for replying me…cheers…