IPadOS 17 Beta Shortcuts Widget

Is anyone else running the new beta having trouble adding a Shortcuts widget to the Home Screen on an iPad? When I try to add a widget, there is no Shortcuts category. It’s there on my iPhone (also on the iOS 17 beta).

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Can you also share your feedback reference so anyone else encountering the issue can reference to that?

I am having issues with widgets refreshing in iOS 17 beta

FB12397480 (Widgets of any kind keep resetting to default settings)

This is happening with my shortcuts widget too. The folder is set but it shows the default of “All Shortcuts” instead of the selected folder. I have to select a different folder. Load the widget, then change the folder back again to fix it.

It has been submitted as FB12410120

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Yea i had same problem in ipadOS dev beta 17. Shortcuts was not listed in widgets options. Rerolled to ipadOS public beta and there it was. After a week with public beta, shortcuts disappeared from widgets list. Now no shortcuts widget.