Ios15… Shortcut has finally the Homescreen Action

You can finally close the shortcuts or scriptable with the shortcut Homescreen.:+1::wink:

I assume you mean the “Return to Homescreen” action, right?

How is this done for Scriptable?

Did you know that Scriptable has had this functionality built in for a long time? It’s undocumented, but App.close() does exactly the same thing, without Shortcuts.


I have used the App.close, but without correct result.
Now you can use a shortcut, name it Homescreen and add it at the end of the script with this kind of code:

//const SHORTCUTNAME = "Alarm_Set";
const XCBURL =  "shortcuts://x-callback-url/run-shortcut"
let cb = new CallbackURL(XCBURL);
let cb1 = new CallbackURL(XCBURL);

function OpenShortCut(){

cb.addParameter("name", "Your other Shortcut to run in script");;

cb1.addParameter("name", "Homescreen");;


if (config.runsInApp) {