Ios14 and macOS Big Sur Betas? Are they stable to try out?

What’s your experience. Are they ok working fairly well?


Can’t speak to Big Sur but iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have been VERY stable for me. They are a little glitchy in places but haven’t crashed on me or anything.


Biggest improvement or benefit (for automation)? The homescreen, widgets and UI changes are not enough for me to step in.

(New widgets look nice, but they don’t have built-in actions which seems like a step backwards - until next year, maybe?)

Biggest improvement are the Shortcuts changes that David and Rosemary covered in the most recent episode of Automators. They are huge changes (being able to run true automations automatically!


:+1: nice - definitely worth trying out

:100: this for sure!!!

Automations running automatically is a game-changer!

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I want to put iOS 14 on my iPad to play with the new shortcuts stuff, but I want to keep iOS 13 on my iPhone. Will this break anything when iOS 13 and iPadOS 14 try to sync shortcuts?

While Beta 1 was so stable that it could have been a regular OS, I am not finding the same with Beta 2. While I am not having respring, I am having a lot of things that no longer work

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I think I saw that last year. First beta was really stable, subsequent betas were less so.

I just installed last night but I’m pretty stable so far. Messages had a notification in the “Siri suggestion” widget that stuck around for “too long” and then I didn’t get more when there should have been but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In fact my NFC triggered Shortcut now works correctly so that’s great.

I hear about text actions not working properly on the latest betas. I think I’ll put the first public beta on my old iPhone 6S but I’ll wait for sometime before putting it on my main iPhone and iPad.

Happy to try anything out.

Happy to try anything out.

Happy to try anything out.

Text actions worked here.

Just something I heard on Reddit. I still think it is a mistake to put such an early beta on a device you depend on.

Probably :slight_smile:

I still run Mojave on my MacBook Pro tho so ¯\(ツ)

Ha. I still have High Sierra on my iMac.

So downloaded Public Beta 2 to my iPhone 6s. The text actions Split Text and Match Text do not work. Have sent a Feedback.

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Same with Dev 2 on my 12.9” iPad

Have you noticed that you cannot copy and paste the modifying text actions either. But you can duplicate them. Strange.

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I have the betas both on iPad and iPhone and they are stable for me. However …

The authenticator for my online banking does not work anymore :confused:
Hopefully I don’t have to wire money until fall.

Edit: after the release of the public beta, my bank updated their app :slight_smile:

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Combine text does not work either. I also sent feedback