iOS Workflow for sending a pre-written email

I am rather “Green” at working with workflow, but I am trying to carry less and that means relying on my iPad Pro during the day instead of lugging a MacBook everywhere. One thing that I would like to do is is have a Workflow that I can launch from the launcher that does the following:

Opens email, lets me select who the recipient is and then autofills the BCC, Subject, and Body, then sends.

I can launch an email but can seem to figure out how to edit the body of the message automatically.

Newbie needs help!

Thanks all

Perhaps something like the following is what you’re looking for?

Fill in the message and any other fields you want pre-filled. When the workflow runs, fill in the To: field and tap send. I don’t believe Apple will let a workflow automate the send action but I’m a newbie compared to many here so could be wrong.

Ah, that makes sense now that I see it. Was thinking open email first then fill, not text that then fills the email.

Thank you

For sending an e-mail without OK’ing, try specifying the e-mail address to send to and unchecking the show compose sheet option.

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