iOS: trying to open text file from iCloud Drive w/Shortcuts

I have recently moved most of my text files from Dropbox to iCloud. I’m trying to rewrite some shortcuts to update. I used to open text files that were in Dropbox via a callback URL and 1Writer. Worked like a charm.

Now that I’m using iCloud Drive, I can’t seem to sync 1writer to my iCloud docs and/or find an appropriate link in a callback URL to make them open from my shortcuts.

Any suggestions? I’m happy to buy any other iOS text editor that might work better. Thanks!

I would recommend waiting for iOS 13 before buying another app. This should be easier to solve then.

Oh, i have Public Beta on my iPad. If you have any ideas, i’m open!

I think it needs some more time for 1Writer, and other apps, to adapt to the new shortcuts setup. As it is designed now url schemes will be a thing of the past, and what you need should be easily possible by a few changes by the developer. (would not be surprised that they are already on it)
Have you contacted the 1Writer developer to put in a feature request or ask for help?