iOS TaskPaper library?

I use TaskPaper on my Mac, including some custom scripts that display tasks how I want based on tags.

Has anyone put together Shortcuts actions, or Scriptable scripts, for handling TaskPaper task lists? It occurs to me that it should be doable to convert a TaskPaper document into JSON, store it in DataJar or a Dropbox/iCloud file, and then make it available for use in Shortcuts, Scriptable or elsewhere.

“Doable” doesn’t mean easy, of course, especially for someone of my limited JavaScript abilities (my Mac scripts are in python). I’m hoping someone has put at least part of this together already, and is willing to contribute the results…


I haven’t but the underlying model is open source:

If only I could figure out how to use that.

Yeah…actually if you’re used to working in Python your best bet is probably Editorial.

When it first came out I built some scripts here

but the app has subsequently added native support for the TP format and there are a lot of other user scripts out there.

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