iOS shortcuts to add task to reminders then copy to todoist

Hello all! Lurker here and first time poster.

I like the flexibility of adding items to lists using Siri but it adds them to the reminders app.

My life is in Todoist so I was hoping that I might be able to add tasks to reminders using Siri then have a shortcut move the item to Todoist. Or maybe somehow have shortcuts do it all via Siri… is this feasible?

look forward to your help :slight_smile:

Have a read of the Todoist help io this topic.

Thank you. I shall take a look.

I fear I’ll have issues with it wanting to load Todoist rather than dictate what I want from the Lock Screen.

You have to unlock to use that, but not open the app.

If you want to log something from the lock screen, you could use a simple shortcut like this (call by saying “Hey Siri record task”).

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