iOS Shortcuts Combine Text

Hi there!

I want to create a Shortcut that sends Heart emojis to my wife. For each day we are married one heart.

I tried to use the Combine Function, but it will always make a new line.

So i don’t want

I come from C# programming, there it’s a simple + needed. Isn’t there something similar in the shortcuts app?

Thank you for your help in advance!

hi @Rudi_Ruisz

The Combine action does what you want, but you need to select the separator:

Tap where it says New Lines, select Custom from the dropdown list and leave the Text field that now shows up as blank.

You can then do something like this sample Shortcut

You can also add the Message action to the end to send the iMessage automatically.

Hope this helps.


Oh wow! Thank you very very much!
Programming with Shortcuts is so different to regular programming.

Thank you again :blush:

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