iOS reminders -things 3-2Do

My wife and I share a shared reminders list, but I’m looking at using things 3 or 2do for myself. Is it possible to always have them mirror the iOS reminder we share ??? And if I mark one item in things or 2do and it marks it complete in iOS reminders?

Not really. Things will import from Reminders, however, when you import it into Things it disappears from Reminders regardless of completion status. So I don’t think it will do what you are thinking.

Also a Things can only import from one list.

I don’t have any experience with 2do

2Do would be my recommendation (or GoodTask). You can sync via Reminders so that any shared tasks are editable in both apps.


Yes, GoodTask is worth I look.

I didn’t know if there was a way to use the workflow app or IFTTT. I have to look at GoodTask and 2do again. And I tried good task but if I checked the box off in GoodTask it didn’t syncs with iOS reminders.

It definitely should sync. It uses Reminders exclusively so there’s no way to use GoodTask without syncing through.

My wife and I have a similar situation, but I’ve found that just keeping shared tasks in Reminders has worked best. I like to change my GTD app now and again, and have moved between 2Do and Things a few times. In the end, it was easier for both of us to just have Reminders for a shared list.

I still use Things myself, but any shared tasks goes to the Reminders app instead. This is where Drafts is handy as I can write the task before I decide which list it’s best suited for.