iOS Pushcut Background Trigger Location URL - only wifi


I have a Location Trigger in Background that is getting a URL, but it only works when my iPhone is on wifi, it has a “request timed-out” error when I’m on cellular data.
Any ideas why this happens?

The url:

thank you from Belgium

192.168.*.* is a set of reserved IP addresses for private use. You won’t find them out on the public Internet, which is what your cell provider is connecting your mobile device to.

That sort of IP addresss is intended for use for your local network.

If you have something (judging by the URL maybe a hardware switch?) you want to access externally, you have to either use something like port forwarding to put a hole in your firewall (please ensure you understand the security implications of doing this), or you connect everything through a truested platform (e.g. Apple’s Homekit platform), or you connect back to your home network by running a VPN server and connecting your mobile to that.

Hope that helps.

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Of course, sorry, didn’t think of that, found a solution via the Shelly Cloud.
Tank you