IOS Push Notification Automation

Hi, we have an IOS app that sends push notifications about when to buy a stock, and and wanted to trigger an email the second it sends. Is there a way to automate using this app, or even another way to do this that someone may be aware of?

  1. Are you the app developer?
  2. What is the app?
  3. Where are the push notifications being sent to; or are they in fact being received by the app?

Hi, thanks for answering!
1 and 2. I’m not the app developer - it’s called HedgeEye Real Time Alerts
3. The push notifications are in IOS sent to the phone or Ipad


Okay, well the messaging should be relatively secure and so if you can’t modify the app behaviour, you are probably a bit stuck in that respect.

Really it is the source that should be amended in any case, and the app is the receiver, notthe sender (ref. first post) of the notifications by the looks of the app and service details.

I would suggest contacting the developers via for if they have any e-mail option. Though honestly, relying on e-mail for real time notifications for trading doesn’t sound very sensible to me. E-mail isn’t designed for that sort of immediacy; but then again I’m not a trader :man_shrugging:t2:

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