iOS - Pull note information from Omnifocus task using Siri Shortcut

I have a shortcut that pulls topics from Omnifocus with a specific tag to create a meeting agenda list. The text is then converted to RTF for an email to attendees. Is there a way to pull the notes from a task in text format? I can put the note in using task paper format, but how do I get it out?

You can use the Find Items action to pull the tasks from OmniFocus and then get the Title, Notes and other attributes from the results. See link below for an example shortcut.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately for me, this is one of the drawbacks of copying someone else’s shortcut and modifying it for my use. Sometimes it’s difficult to see where the data is being pulled from. I’ve pulled different attributes from contacts, not sure why I didn’t think to do the same with Onmifocus. Thanks again!