iOS Journaling Prompts

Is there anyway to use the new Journaling prompts from iOS in Shortcuts?

I know there is an API. Ideally I would like to see that API exposed via ToolboxPro or perhaps Scriptable so I can use it in a shortcut and then in export the data to Obsidian.

I would offer to help code, however since I’ve never worked in Xcode, I suspect I would be a hinderance not a help.

There’s no Journal shortcuts yet. If you wanted Journaling Suggestions in Obsidian (like in Day One), someone will have to write support for it using the API - have you asked over there?

I guessed that would be the case.

The Obsidian developers don’t focus on Apple. I suspect I will have better luck ask in the ToolboxPro dev team. Thanks for the help.