iOS and Web online appointment scheduling that works with CALDAV

I’m looking to implement an online appointment scheduling feature where my clients (and prospective clients) can book appointments with me using a web interface that links directly to my iOS calendar.

The app allows you to block out times, sends automated reminders, etc. and I’ve found a lot to choose from - both free and paid. Here’s one of the lists I am working through:

All the apps I have looked at will only integrate directly with one or more of Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, or iCloud.

I haven’t found anything that will work directly with any CALDAV calendar server (I am currently using Fastmail for email, contacts, and calendars)


Has this ever been covered on automators or MPU episodes?

Is there any solution (free or paid) that syncs directly to CALDAV? (Even a WordPress Plugin would be fine as I plan to add it to my website.)

In lieu of direct sync to CALDAV, how workable is it to either use a tool like this completely standalone/manual (no sync with existing calendars) if the appointment volume is low to medium?

In lieu of direct sync to CALDAV, is a workflow to use Gmail or iCloud dummy calendar as an intermediate sync point (creating a three step sync process) reliable enough to undertake and worth the trouble? (If anyone does this, can you be specific in how you made it work?)

Thanks everyone - appreciate any all feedback on this challenging workflow/automation need.


Hello @SpivR from 2021 :wave:

I’m sure you probably found it by now, but in case not- I also use Fastmail (love it) and found Harmonizely that works with CalDAV for online booking. Worth checking out.

Another use case would be if my Raspberry Pi were to relate calendar entries for me. (I’m not sure this is something I actually want but I just might.)