iOS Alarm Clock App with URL Scheme

Has anyone come across an iOS app that allows you to either set the system alarms or is an alarm clock app itself where you can set the alarms using a URL scheme?

I’d like to be able to automate the setting of an alarm programmatically based on other criteria such as the time I’m going to bed, if I have a rail journey in my calendar the next morning or I’m booked out as on site with a client, what day of the week it is, my current location (e.g. home vs. hotel vs. parent/in-laws house), etc. I can put together any amount of simple through sophisticated logic for this using Workflow/Shortcuts (maybe even Scriptable), but I’ve not yet found a destination to apply this logic and set the actual alarm.

Anyone know of anything that could enable my final step of setting the alarm?


  1. I may be using the device in the interim, between setting and hearing the alarm, so anything that would demand being open and foreground is a no go.
  2. Likewise if my device was updating the OS overnight then I’d want something that would persist.
  3. An alarm I can’t rely on is not an alarm I can use.
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I have just done something similar with Shortcuts using the ‘Create Alarm’ action.

I haven’t figured out a way to automatically delete the old alarms, but I don’t think this is causing any problems.

Here is the workflow in case it is useful for anyone:

(The mucking around with the time at the start is basically just in case I don’t get to setting the alarm until after midnight—I’m sure there’s a better way but it seems to be working.)

The addition of the Toggle Alarm action in a later release of Shortcuts did in fact address this for me.

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Ir’s not exactly what you’ve requested, but I’ve published a countdown timer that supports URL schemes and Shortcuts. If it’s in the background it’ll send you a notification when your time is up. I think you could use it for your purpose but you’d have to calculate the delta to your desired wake up time to set the countdown time. My app is called Visual Task Timer; it’s free it the App Store. I’d love to hear if you find it useful.

Visual Task Timer

As I noted in the final response I posted, the update to Shortcuts solved this for me so I can just use the native alarms.