iOS 16.6 Shortcuts: VPN Toggle Turns Off Internet & Auto-Reconnects VPN - Seeking Solutions

Hey everyone!

I’ve been having some VPN troubles in Apple shortcuts. With ios 16.6 shortcuts has an action to manipulate vpns. However, when I run it through shortcuts, it turns off the VPN, but I lose internet connection, and after 10-15 seconds, the VPN turns back on automatically. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, I would really appreciate any possible solutions or insights you may have. Thanks in advance for your help!

Is your VPN configured as an always on VPN? That would seem to match your symptoms as I would expect the device to drop any traffic until the connection gets reestablished, which would happen when it tries to connect to the Internet.

I checked the VPN settings (Settings->VPN). I have two VPNS (One is just a local loopback and the other is by Private Internet Access) and both are set to Connect on Demand.

Okay, so that’s triggering connection based on rules. Does the behaviour change if you set your reconnecting VPN to not connect on demand - only manually connect?

Some interesting behaviour when I set them to only manually connect. I was able to use shortcuts to disable the vpn and it didn’t restart, the first time. After that it went back to its original behaviour. I checked settings again and it had reset itself to connect on demand. I switched it back, tried again, same result. I tracked it down and it appears that as long as I don’t open the VPN app, and only use shortcuts to toggle the vpn it works. But as soon as you open the VPN app it resets itself to Connect on Demand. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: