[iOS 16 → 17] New and updated actions, and backward incompatibility

Continued from Reddit: [iOS 16.3 → 16.4] New actions and parameters

New Actions

Name Description
Delete Alarms Deletes one or more alarms in the Clock app.
Edit Sleep Alarm Skips, unskips or toggles the next Sleep alarm. This action can be used if a Sleep schedule is set up in the Health app.
Start Stopwatch Starts the Stopwatch in the Clock app.
Stop Stopwatch Stops the Stopwatch in the Clock app.
Lap Stopwatch Laps the Stopwatch in the Clock app.
Reset Stopwatch Resets the Stopwatch in the Clock app.
Get Current Timer Returns the total duration or remaining time of the current Timber in the Clocks app.
Pause Timer Pauses the Timer in the Clock app.
Resume Timer Resumes the Timer in the Clock app.
Cancel Timer Cancels the Timer in the Clock app.
Get Hotspot Password Returns the password of your Personal Hotspot.
Set Hotspot Password Sets the Personal Hotspot password.
Set Default Line Sets the cellular plan used by default for voice calls or data.
Toggle Cellular Plan Enables or disables a cellular plan on this device.
Find Cellular Plans Finds/filters cellumar plans.
Set Data Roaming Sets the Data Roaming setting for a given cellular plan.
Reset Cellular Data Statistics Resets the cellular data usage counters for the current Data line in Settings.
Set Silent Mode Switch between Silent and Ring for calls and alerts.
End Workout Ends the active workout on your Apple Watch.
Open Camera Open the Camera app in a specified mode (photo, selfie, video, portrait selfie, slo-mo, time-lapse, pano).
Scan Document Scan a document using the Files app.
Search in Files Opens Files and performs a search for the specified text.
Make Image from Rich Text Creates an image from the rich text, web content, or URL passed in as input.
Transcribe Audio Transcribes an audio file to text.
Listen to Page Asks Siri to read the article contents in Safari, if available.
Stop Recording (Voice Memos) Stops the current recording.
Create New Freeform Board Create a new board for Freeform.
Open Freeform Board Open the specified board in Freeform.
Open Collection Opens a specific Collection in Photos.
Open Collection Open a Tip collection in the Tips app.
Show Passwords Opens your saved passwords.
Set Left/Right Balance Left/Right Balance can be used to adjust the audio volume balance between left and right channels. -1.0 represents full Left balance and 1.0 represents full Right balance. Left/Right Balance can also be enabled under Accessibility in Settings.
Start Time Machine Backup Starts or stops backing up your data with Time Machine (macOS).

Removed Actions

  • Folder
    • Merged into the File action (automatically converted when importing from pre-iOS 17).

Updated Actions

  • File
    • Passes the specified files or folders as output. Backward incompatibe if folder is selected.
  • Get Network Details
    • Gets Wi-Fi Standard, RX Rate, TX Rate, RSSI, Noise, Channel Number, Hardware MAC Address in addition to Network Name and BSSID for Wi-Fi.
  • Set Volume
    • New parameter - Volume Setting (Media or Ringtone)
  • Set Focus Mode
    • Can now toggle as well as turn on/off
  • Set Wi-Fi
    • Can now toggle as well as turn on/off
  • Find Alarms
    • Renamed from Get All Alarms with full search capabilities
  • Recognize Music
    • Renamed from Shazam It with new parameter - Add to Library. Backward incompatibe because the Action ID has changed as well (automatically converted when importing from pre-iOS 17).

This info is mostly based on the following files and may not include other app-specific actions:

  • /System/​Library/​PrivateFrameworks/​WorkflowKit.framework/WFActions.plist
  • /Applications/​Xcode.app/​Contents/​Developer/​Platforms/​iPhoneOS.platform/​Library/​Developer/​CoreSimulator/​Profiles/​Runtimes/​iOS.simruntime/​Contents/​Resources/​RuntimeRoot/​System/​Library/​PrivateFrameworks/​WorkflowKit.framework/WFActions.plist

And here’s Apple’s official What’s new in Shortcuts for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10

Please comment if you find more.


I really wish they had included an action to log medications. That would be especially great for as-needed medications. I would love to log those via an NFC sticker on the medicine bottle.