[iOS 15 Beta] Using Focus and Shortcuts Automation together, you can allow shortcuts to run based on location automatically, no interaction required

Edit: You may have to run the automation script once manually to accept the new Allow Always prompts or else the automation doesn’t trigger or sends that notification to accept causing one to think the shortcut isn’t working.

This is an amazing find and worked pretty well in my testing of leaving and arriving home.

With the Focus modes, you can allow a mode to enable/disable based on location via automation within the options of creating a Focus. In Shortcuts, like the previous DND automation, you now have the option to choose a Focus as a trigger to fire off a shortcut. When the Focus mode enables or disables, that change will trigger the automation in Shortcuts which in turn will fire off your actions.

Here’s how to build it:

  • Create your shortcut or wait if you want to build the actions within the automation
  • Go to Settings - Focus - hit the + in the top right
  • Choose Custom - Name your Focus
  • Modify your Notifications for People and then for Apps
  • Choose if you want to allow Time Sensitive notifications
  • Near bottom of page it says “Turn on Automatically”
  • Hit the + and choose location and set your desired location.
  • Go to Shortcuts - Automation - hit the + and create Personal automation
  • Scroll to the list of Focus modes and select the Focus you created in step 2 - Choose the option of when turned on or off for when you want to run your shortcut.
  • Build your script here of actions to run or select the Run Shortcut action - Hit next and then toggle off Ask Before Running.
  • Done!!

Based on the actions used, it may require unlock or other interaction. I simply used a Play Music action for testing as I know I don’t have to interact or unlock for it to work. As I pulled away from my home, one song played and as I pulled back up to my home, the other selected song played automatically. :relaxed: