iOS 14.4 “add to Home Screen” not working

Is anyone else having issues with “add to Home Screen” for shortcuts creating an icon on the Home Screen but being unable to get said icon to activate the shortcut? This is happening on my iPhone 11 and iPad Air (newest). Both devices have the latest software version. The shortcut runs properly when I run it from the shortcuts app. System restart doesn’t fix this issue. Also, this issue happens for any shortcut I add to the homescreen.

See this thread.

I also have Siri Shortcuts set to back tap and that won’t work either. If I swap the back tap to a different action, it works. The issue is surely with Siri Shortcuts.

I had the issue in IOS14.3 as well as in IOS14.4.

I had the same issue and reinstalling shortcuts fixed it for me.

Edit: I think one of my shortcuts breaks it. I am not sure which one, how as why. But it was not a one time thing
Fortunately reinstalling is relatively easy. Interestingly restarting the phone does not help.