iOS 13 and magic varaibles, oh my!

I am trying, and so far failing, to grok what the new shortcuts want me to do for magic variables and such, I am trying to update a shortcut and when I tap on a filed like “Adjusted Date” there doesn’t seem anyway for me to tell which one it is using, and if I remove it and try to add one, I get a list down below and no way of telling which is which. sometimes I can choose from the shortcut itself, but often I cannot.

Nothing I do seems to let me change DATE in the second bubble to “FirstEvent” and

And in this screenshot, this is what I see when I tap date in the second bubble and then then “Reveal Action”

If something is revealed, I don’t know what it is.

Something in how they’ve changed this has shorted out my brain a little and I’m having trouble editing some pretty simple shortcuts because of it.

Creating NEW shortcuts isn’t as much of a problem, but editing existingg actions is problematic, and showing magic variables will show a single “Date” named magic variable where this shortcut should list maybe a dozen?

I’ve read a few references to tap and hold to access magic variables. Is that what you are doing or are you just tapping?

Just tapping. Press and hold does bring up a menu so I can select, but it still seems like it doesn’t have everything there that it should. Will investigate further, but man I want a better editor for this stuff. Even on the iPad Pro there is so little content density on the screen!

Its using the date field thats highlighted in your screenshot:


I know it could be clearer, but it does show

As a tip: try to name your variables / calculation steps whenever you can, that helps when shortcuts get longer.

Yes, now that you point it out, it’s clear. Ugh, should highlight that whole bubble too, really.

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it sometimes does, I don’t know why that is not consistent.

I have a shorty that set three numbers, then calculates a result of Seconds X Interval and Seconds X Length. No problem, and I’ve named those results “Interval seconds” and “Event length”. When I go back in to edit the shortcut or test it to see why it is borken, the calculations BOTH say “length x length”.

Adding to the weirdness, “Length” is the name of the magic variable associated with the Number 7 shown in that screenshot (that is to say, “Length” hasn’t been defined when the first Math Action happens). I have removed all the numbers and calculations and redone it several times, but the behavior repeats.

Can you share the shortcut? so we can see what’s happening?

From the screenshot it seems you’ve picked the same variable 4 times, but from your description that’s not the case.

I have had this happen as well. For me, leaving the magic variables with their original names seems to have got around the issue, but that leaves the Shortcut a lot less readable. As a temporary aid until this is hopefully fixed, you could place a comment box by the calculation to show the order of the variables in the calculation.

Right, that is a screenshot of what happens after I go back in to edit it. before that is show what it should show, Seconds X Interval and Seconds X Length.

I need to check if what it is displaying is what it is actually doing (I don’t think it is).