Introducing Shareable, a platform for users to share Scriptable scripts

Hello, Scriptable users! Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of Shareable, a new website for sharing and browsing Scriptable scripts and widgets!

Shareable is intended to make it easier for the community to share and discover scripts in one, easy-to-use place. (It’s a bit like RoutineHub, except instead of Shortcuts, it’s for Scriptable scripts.)

To post scripts on Shareable, you need to log in with your GitHub account. Scripts are shared as GitHub links—that hasn’t changed. Shareable acts as a consolidated app to browse through those GitHub links in one place. Downloading scripts is very easy: just tap “download” on a script’s page and import the JavaScript file to Scriptable.

The website is live at Hope you enjoy! Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Credit for this project goes to alombi, who has done an incredible job building Shareable. (I’m posting the announcement because I don’t think he has an account on this forum.)