Interact with iOS Contacts using Scriptable?

Hi Scriptable scripters!

Does Scriptable support interacting with the iOS Contacts App Service? if so, has anybody written a script that works with Contacts?

I took a look at Apple’s Contacts App service, but can’t get Scriptable to recognize Contacts or its methods.

Thanks for your guidance and wisdom!

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This is not yet supported but I’d love to do this! I’ll add it to my backlog.


Loving the contact integration in the beta. Any chance to see all of the fields exposed? I was looking to filter on organizationName but don’t see it in the Contact object.

Thank you!!

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Hi all. I’m playing around with the new ContactContainer item and I see that it returns a “promise.”

How do I get that promise to actually deliver?

I’ve tried:

let list = ContactsContainer.all();

which just returns {}

My guess is that the “promise” hasn’t yet been forced to be filled, but I’m not familiar with how to force that to happen. Any help would be appreciated.


Try putting an await before ContactsContainer.all();

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Further to @RosemaryOrchard’s note, these might help with the background as to why:

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Thank you both very much! (My Javascript work so far has been focused on Drafts, so this await stuff is new.)

Adding a late +1 to this. I’d love to have access to contact notes.

Thanks @simonbs!

When you make a request and it shows up in the next beta build.


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Yep it’s awesome! Would still love to see organizationName. Thanks @simonbs!

organizationName will be included in the next beta build as well as the next update for the App Store.


It’s great, thank you!