Integromat webhooks

Anyone know if it’s possible to handle a Webhook that handles different
data sets down it ?

I have the same Webhook in different scenarios and set the data structure but it appears the Webhook in each scenario will send a default response back - hence multiple responses and I can’t seem to turn it off.


I would recommend adding a second Webhooks for the other scenarios. Or possibly adding a filter module to effectively make an if/then scenario?

Needs to be the same Webhook - not in control of the other ends API

Think you need a different scenario for each different format of data so if/then don’t work.

Though I could have this all back to front :slight_smile:

After the filter can you put in a router step to direct it? I’m new to Integromat still but I’ve had some luck with that.

I’m using router with filter etc with Webhook responses on the end

But it appears if it doesn’t run one of the defined Webhook responses it does a default response.

So multiple responses if you have multiple scenarios with the same Webhook.

In the end I crafted a REST call to simulate all the API so the webhook could get the dataset and then just did it in one scenario.

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