Integrating ChatGPT into Apple Shortcuts

I’ve loved playing with ChatGPT so far, but wanted to start using it in my shortcuts. Luckily they have an API which you can use from within shortcuts. I made an example shortcut which gives you a summary of a book you’ve requested. I use this in my to-read list as extra information.

The shortcut can be embedded within other shortcuts, hence there are two to download:

  1. Download the following shortcuts:
    Downloadlink: SubShortcutGPT
    Download an Example shortcut which uses SubShortcutGPT: SubShortcutGPT Example

  2. Open the SubShortcutGPT-shortcut and fill in your API-key which you can get at OpenAI.
    This is a paid API, but it is quite affordable to use. The shortcut currently is limited to a 1000 tokens, which you can change within the shortcut.

  3. Run the SubShortcut Example-shortcut and see it in action.
    As an example the SubShortcutGPT is set as a book summary generator and will ask for a book Title and Author; in response it will give you a three line summary and copy it to the clipboard.

  4. Now go and duplicate the SubShortcut and change the base prompt and use it in your own shortcut!

I hope it’s useful to someone, and am curious what you might do with it.

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this. I think there’s a small mistake in your example. It’s hooked up to run a shortcut called SiriGPT, not SubShortcutGPT.

that was the name I was using before wanting to share it, it must’ve stuck when sharing the link; I’ve re-shared the example shortcut. Thanks for trying it out and pointing to this error!
I hope you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:

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