Inserting variables in Things 3 URL scheme

I want to use Shortcuts to generate a new project in Things 3. This can only be done by using a URL Scheme. I know you can use Drafts 5. But I want to run a ‘create project’ Shortcut in another (multi-step) shortcut. My multi step Shortcut will generate a project name as a variable. I want to insert that variable into the URL-scheme. A bit like this (replacing [VARIABLE] with the project title)


Does anybody know if this can be done?

I have a Shortcut that does the same sort of thing, so it does work. You will need to URL encode the contents of the variable.

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You’ll also need to convert to an x-callback-url format as indicated on the support page as you are making it a multi-step shortcut and will need Things to return operation back to Shortcuts once it has completed its processing.

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I’ve just had a look back at my example and remembered that there is actually a specific action to “Run Things URL” rather than using the x-callback-url method.

This creates the project and then the Shortcut continues and populates the actions in the project.


That has to be the strangest implementation of the (relatively) new Shortcuts actions I’ve seen to date, combining a URL scheme into a action rather than the parameters :astonished:

Agreed, took me a while to realise that it was not a deprecated action and is, in fact, the only way of creating a project.

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Cheers guys. I think you got me to where I needed to be :grinning:

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