Insert text and images into sms

Is there a way to insert text, image, text into the body of a sms message using Siri shortcuts?

The image should an actual photo and not text.


Do you really mean SMS?

SMS allows users to send and receive messages of up to 160 alpha-numeric characters to and from GSM mobiles, i.e, only text, no images.

As far as I know, in messages the image is really an attachment. On that basis you can’t really have text, then image, then text as one message. Just text and an attached image.

Sorry, I think I’m missing something on that reply.

“lol” or otherwise, I’m in all seriousness trying to help out with what I think are reasonable responses to the questions, and I’m struggling to place the intent.

As I read it, I tried to think of how well this fits with the first few sections of the community guidelines.


Thanks for the responses.

To clarify I mean to send a pre formatted message via the apple iMessage app. I want to control where the images get inserted. Currently I can only get them to be inserted at the beginning of a message with the text below them.

Again, I’d like to control where the images get inserted into the message body without resorting to using several Send Message actions.

I tried several things, including bundling the text and image into a list with text/image/text and the Send Message action still forces the image to the top. I think you may have to use 3 separate Send Message actions.

I don’t think that’s how iMessage is designed. You can’t put images inline with text

I think you’re right. The only work around is to use multiple Send Message actions. These actions can be set to run automatically whic is nice

The text ones, yes. Unfortunately any attachments including images require the user to hit send.