Insert Date or Date/Time at insertion point

How are people inserting the date at the insertion point in iOS?

Generally speaking I use the Text Replacement feature of the keyboard for a couple of long strings (my email signature and the link to the mosaic program I use) but wondered what people do for a dynamic template.

I’d like to find a non subscription solution to the problem

You could use Shortcuts to put the date in the desired format on the clipboard, trigger it on iOS with an accessibility back tap (double/triple), and then paste in the result.

I’m not sure if you can reduce the two-step process any further for something dynamic.

But if you are using a specific app, then there may be other options. For example, you can have actions in many editors that allow you to insert things like the current date.

Hope that helps.

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Seems viable. I have a bunch of variants of the date I would like to use:

July 5
July 5, 2022


ok, the last two I use on my computer

Just pop up a menu in your shortcut for the desired format. One extra step, but you are adding one extra level of choice and you have limited trigger options.

I use this Shortcut. I wrote it originally to be used on i*OS or on macOS (where direct insertion without using the clipboard is available).

Date Time Stamp

It displays the actual date and time in the menu to select from. Just add the custom formats you want to the text box and it will update the menu automatically.

Sample menu created:

I also use a text replacement shortcut to run the Shortcut from the pull down search bar from my home screen.

Pull down to get search bar → dts my text Sortcut for Date Time Stamp → tap Search → tap the Shortcut in the results

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I do something similar, only I invoke it via the iOS Share menu. I highlight the text just before the spot I want to insert the formatted date, and the shortcut is built to take the selected text, and construct a string that incorporates the selected text and the formatted date/time. Then I can just paste it, replacing the highlighted text.

I couldn’t figure a way to invoke the Share menu without having text selected. Otherwise it would be invoked without the highlighting step.

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Too bad iOS doesn’t allow triggering of Shortcuts via the Text Replacement feature…


I use this command-line app on my Mac to update a text replacement every day at midnight, which then syncs to all my devices via iCloud.