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Hi all,

I’m not sure if this fits here, so please feel free to let me know and I will remove it / move it elsewhere, but I have a little challenge / query for you all re: automating indiebookclub additions to my site.
If you’re not familiar with Indiebookclub you can find some info about it HERE. You basically enter the details of the book you’re currently reading, and it sends the details to my site. You can see an example of what it posts HERE.

My query is, do any of you guys have a Workflow, or can you help me create a Workflow, that will let me just enter the name of what I’m reading and have it automatically post to my site at all? I guess Scriptable could also, potentially do it?

Thanks in advance for any help / guidance on this one.

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Could you link to a post of yours it has created? I’m sure something is possible! (Thankfully Micropub and MicroBlog are not too hard to script.)

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Hi @RosemaryOrchard,

Yes, of course! I’ve only posted one so far, which you can find here. It doesn’t post anything all that exciting, really, so please don’t waste too much time in looking into it.
If you wanted to be really adventurous, however, feel free to make it add an image of the book or something hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, just creating a post like that sounds simple enough, challenge accepted: with an optional cover image is on my to do list! (Unfortunately not likely today).

Of course, anyone else who wants to tackle this should feel free to as well :nerd_face:


I got somewhat sidetracked with the cover option and still can’t make it work as I’d like - so I give up (for now!).

Here is a MicroBlog Book Post Workflow. You’ll need a token but that should be it!

Oh, great, thanks so much for this!

The photo was a complete optional extra, don’t worry about it haha.

I’ll give it a whirl now.

Thanks again :slight_smile: