In what format to send data to the google sheet as json?

I have an authorization key. I also have access to json (sheet is public etc) , but I can’t handle adding json data to the table. Can someone give me a hint?

Could you perhaps explain in more detail what you are trying to do, from what, with what?

I’m sending out a ready-made json (like I’m doing a reqest POST in poostman ) in form:
“row1”: “my item”,
“row2” “my item”

And I want every such json to land in a google sheet in every line

Ok, if you are using Postman, you’ll need to put the authorisation token in the request header.

I’m not sure what the JSON structure would be, the updates are an array of arrays with the smallest element being a cell value. I haven’t dug through all the Google Sheets docs for this, but maybe try “values” as a key.

This post, while about JavaScript, might help you understand the options available.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, but I don’t know if it’s good because it requires the use of an external tool ( ) and I want to avoid it (future charges or bad actions

I’m not sure how to use the authorization. I created the KEY API but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

It’s a header in postman:
key : my api key

That looks like an implementation to generate the JavaScript code they are discussing on the page to me, not a requirement for you to implement against.