In search of renaming/de-duplicator workflow for downloaded archives

I have looked at the some apps recommended and I do use Gemini from MacPaw, but I am looking for something to help with this workflow:

I find my Downloads folder to contain various ZIP archives that have identical names (like WP plugins), but based on the date they were downloaded, I only want to keep the most recent one.

This means if there’s already a “”, I don’t want the new download to go with “archive_xyz (1).zip” and so on.

I realize file names don’t always get unique titles, but may have completely different contents, so to prevent data loss, I’d be fine with swapping the naming order, which would swap for the most recent file to be under “”.

Maybe this isn’t an app, but rather an Automator Workflow or even Shortcut. I am considering to finally try Hazel to just clean my downloads folder anytime it detects a WP related plugin, however I’m not sure how to handle the deduplication process.
I have a folder where I intend to be filing these particular ZIP archives, but there are already several variants of (1);(2); (3) and so on… that would be nice to cleanup.

I’m wondering what your automation suggestions would be to assist with this workflow?


Je ne suis absolument pas expert.
Mais, l’idée, parfois, c’est de prendre le problème autrement.

Pourquoi ne pas faire un flux de travail avec un renommage de vos archives par date ?
Cela vous permettra d’avoir un archivage et donc pouvoir gérer vos archives comme vous le souhaitez par la suite.