In AppleScript with Excel - How To Get Selected Chart

The following AppleScript code sets the size of the last chart added to a sheet in Excel - to 30cm wide and 20cm tall. (I experimented with the numerical values but I don’t understand them.) :slight_smile:

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	tell active sheet
		tell last chart object
			set height to 567
			set width to 850.5
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

This was tough as there’s not much on the web about this.

I have a question, though:

How to I get the selected chart, not just the last one added? (Usually the last one added is the one I want to resize but I’d rather not assume that.)

(The above script will be run from Keyboard Maestro, and probably triggered by a button in Metagrid.)

I can’t answer the chart question, but here’s the explanation for the numbers… :wink:

Related to Dots Per Inch…

30 cm * (0.393701 inches / cm) * 72 DPI = 850.4
20 cm * (0.393701 inches / cm) * 72 DPI = 566.9

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Thanks! I wondered about DPI but time was too fleeting to do the maths. At least that means I shouldn’t worry about the numbers needing to change.

I don’t have Excel on the Mac, only my work PC; but the chart section of this old documentation would seem to suggest active chart would do it. I just can’t test it to confirm.

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That would be a useful document, and I have it already.

active chart doesn’t get me very far as apparently it’s the chart object (sic) I can set height and width for, not a chart. In my code I have last chart object. I apparently (I’ve tested it) can’t set the height or width for active chart nor find the associated chart object.

You need the chart area object from the active chart.

set ch to chart area object of active chart
set height of ch to 200.0
set width of ch to 400.0

Thank you! I’m finding the Excel Applescript data model fiddly in the extreme.

(There are a few tricks with it I may well put into a blog post - as finding stuff on the web has proven difficult. I hope you don’t mind if I include this.)