Import Templates into Todoist Projects

I created a shortcut that allows the user to import a stored Todoist template via an IOS device. This is normally accomplished via the Todoist website. I made this to challenge myself and for convenience. It may not be perfect but it works and I thought I would share. Any feedback is appreciated.


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Hi - I realise this is an old thread but your shortcut is exactly what I’ve been looking for. However, when it runs, there seems to be no output (no change in Todoist). If you’re still following the thread, do you know why it might not be working? Thanks for any help.

The Todoist API was updated. Here is an updated Shortcut that works.


Thank you so much - this works perfectly !

Might I ask a small favour? Is it possible to create a shortcut to clone an existing project (prompting for source and target names) using the same method? I’ve tried to do something similar but have been unable to make it work.

Thanks for any assistance and thanks again for the import shortcut which is amazing.