Imdb website my whachlist


I have in imdb website my whachlist
I want to add all the movie name
To file
Please can someone could please help me
I don’t know JavaScript
There’s alot of movies In there

IMDB has a native export feature to CSV - I’d highly recommend using that over trying to scrape it with something like JavaScript. Click on the 3 vertical dots inside of a list and then Export.


Good resource from IMDB (this might be what @RosemaryOrchard is talking about.

Ok i read it

But i dont know who to implement it
I don’t know java script

Please can you
Shiw me a sample in sirishortcut with imdb scraping
I will learn a lot from this and i will push it more
And make alot of self experimenting with this.

It would help to elaborate on what you want to do with the data once you export it from IMDB.

A very simple option is to tap on the “Export this list” link within your IMDb Watchlist. Then, when your list is displayed in table form, tap on the Sharesheet and then “Copy to Numbers” (assuming you have Numbers installed). At that point, you have the data in a spreadsheet that you can search, sort, and otherwise manipulate.

I realize this may not meet your end objective, but is an example where Shortcuts may not be needed. There may be a very simple solution. Depends on your objectives.