IMDb App to DayOne Journal Entry

Hi - I am sure I had previously seen / heard about a Shortcut that took an IMDb entry, and made it into a DayOne journal entry - But I can’t seem to find one that works anymore.

What I am trying to do is “check-in” on IMDb and have the film, date and (ideally) poster art, created in DayOne.

Can anyone help?

I am very new to all this Shortcuts stuff!

Hey, this is similar, but I was never able to get it to work from IMDB. I pull the information from You’ll need to get a free API key from TMDB. As far as I could figure out, there’s no public API for IMDB.

What I do is find the movie, so for John Wick 3, I go to
Then I run the shortcut from the sharesheet and I get something that looks like this:

It automatically pulls down most of the details and prompts for a few thoughts.

The shortcut uses Jayson and Toolbox Pro.


Thanks, this helped me a lot!