Images in Messages

so… my son and I always text each other when we see a Tesla. I thought it would be cool to make a script that gets the current location, then let’s user select from a list of Tesla Models (S,3,X), it then generates a google static map based on the location, and add a marker with the Tesla model on it… I then wanted to message the image along with a bit of text to the other person… I figured I could also add a remote component to keep track of the stats, etc…

so… the dilema I cannot get images to send in a message. Has anyone else mucked around with sending images via messages?

The message properties look to only support string content according to the documentation; specifically the message body.

Maybe you could upload the image and share a link to it instead, or e-mail it and then send a message to say there’s an e-mail?

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String… that would do it. I might try and create a link to the image… maybe the msg previews will expand the link…

Just wanted to chime in and say that adding attachments to a message is supported in the next build. You’ll be able to add both images and files as an attachment.