IFTTT: run shortcut through rich notification?

As the title says, I’m trying to create an IFTTT applet that runs every weekday at a specific time, providing a link in the rich notification that runs a Shortcut (through pressing the link, I presume), but when I insert the link in the URL field (I use an URL scheme provided by LCP through the New Action option) IFTTT reports an error and request me to review the configuration of the applet.

What am I missing?

Can you provide details of the applet (including the notification content) and the error message you are seeing?

As an example, this works for me. I get a notification, tap on it, and LCP opens.

This is the error I’m seeing

That’s telling you that [[Morning Routine]] is not part of a valid URL. Try replacing that bit of text with Morning%20Routine.

IFTTT uses “ingredients” for its recipes which are in effect variables or data placeholders. It is trying to interpret your text as an ingredient and it isn’t a name equal to any of the ingredients IFTTT has to offer to that THAT output

LCP uses double square brackets for in-app URL encoding. If you aren’t using LCP then you typically have to manually encode the URL parameters, like I did above.

Hmm… tried coding the brackets that way, now IFTTT accepts the coding, and pops up with a notification, but doesn’t show the link and doesn’t run shortcut or the Shortcut app🤔

Okay, forgive the typo, but I just did this…

I started by creating a new IFTTT recipe with a time trigger and notification result.

At 02:30 PM, I received this notification.

When I tapped on the notification, it opened IFTTT.

I seleced “Open”. Shortcuts opened, loaded the shortcut named “Morning Routine”, and ran it.

The question is, what do you actually have set-up at this point?

Consider things like…

  1. What exactly does your URL look like now?
  2. Have you tried running the URL outside of IFTTT to ensure it is correct?
  3. Is the name of your shortcut exactly right?
  4. Where is the URL in your IFTTT recipe.
  5. What does happen when you tap on the notification?

Unfortunately, trying to debug what’s going on without being able to see what you can, and failing that, without precise details of what you have and what you see happening, it is a drawn out process to get to the bottom of it.

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No worries regarding heavy duty problem solving :slight_smile:

I haven’t actually run debugging like suggested - getting on that now - will post findings :+1:

Okay, so I did a new try, for the umfti’th time, without changing the URL or anything else - but this time it worked🤔

But thank you for your input - you did manage to get me to go through everything methodically @sylumer :slightly_smiling_face:

So, going to update the shortcut in the other topic to incorporate this webhook technique :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not derailing the conversation for my own selfish reasons but this is really similar to something I am struggling with.

Am I right in thinking that to do the above actions you have to manually open IFTTT and click the URL? I don’t know if it’s relevant or against any rules to say this here so I will keep it short.

Can shortcuts or scriptable detect an IFTTT applets notifications and then automatically collect the URLs to then run further actions on them etc? I have been trying all sorts of things (leading me to scriptable and then here) but I can’t seem to see how to get a shortcut to read or react to IFTTT (which I like as it’s always running checking for new things and log it’s actions which isn’t easy with shortcuts).

Apologies if I am rambling and I’m not even on the right page. I am not usually a poster I just try and learn from what others post but I think I’ve hit a wall with scriptable!

You’re right - I have to click the Notification and then allow to open the link in the notification

Ah I see now thanks. I think I am getting ahead of myself and imagining that the shortcut IFTTT connection is somehow automated sorry! I started using scriptable recently and it seems like if anything could read the notifications from IFTTT it would be scriptable. It’s a YouTube thing but I don’t know if I need to make a new thread or something.

iOS has lots of security and sandboxing. If you are not at the OS level, you really shouldn’t be able to intercept app notifications and it would be beyond terrible if you could then intercept them and act on them.

With regards to Shortcuts and IFTTT. IFTTT is triggering a notification to the IFTTT iOS app. You should be able to send a lnk in an SMS or another service (e.g. Pushover) if you need to, but it is never going to be direct to Shortcuts; unless Apple changes something to allow this sort of notification triggering.

Whatever the case, the security is such that Apple require a user validation before triggering an action. i.e. the user has the opportunity to review the link to ensure it is not malicious in nature, before triggering it.

If you are unsure as to whether to create a new thread on something, first search the forum. If you don’t find an answer and your question is not directly related to a the original question on a thread, start a new thread. You can always reference back to the original thread if you are taking a tangent. This approach will ensure things stay on topic and that others can easily find and consume the discussion rather than having to pick it out in bits and pieces from some gargantuan thread.

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Hope that helps.


This may or may not be helpful, but in the past when I’ve run into problems with IFTTT, I’ve been able to accomplish what I wanted using Stringify instead.

Stringify is much less well-known than IFTTT, but is similar and can do many of the same things. It has a more visual “recipe” builder that I find more intuitive.

It also has a lot of home automation built-in that IFTTT doesn’t have so it is not just a clone or alternative, it can do things IFTTT cannot do.

Maybe the podcast can talk about it?

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Does Stringify have YouTube integration now? I haven’t used it for over a year and it felt very much home automation focussed back then.